Professional Advantage provides software solutions designed to fit the unique needs of the staffing industry. Your System, Your Way… see how 1Staff allows Sales Staff, Recruiters, Payroll and Billing Specialists to all work on the Microsoft Dynamics Platform.


1Staff Front-to-Back Staffing Software is built in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Microsoft Dynamics® GP to give you a comprehensive solution that does everything from resume parsing to generating financial statements. Our customizable solution allows all team members to create custom workflows, dashboards, and forms to fit the type of staffing they do.


1Staff for Recruiters and Sales   

1Staff Front Office for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is built with Recruiters and Salespeople in mind. Keep on top of your clients and candidates with tools such as advanced CRM functionality, marketing campaigns, resume parsing, and candidate search. To learn more about 1Staff Front Office, click here.


1Staff for Billing and Payroll Administrators

1Staff Back Office allows Payroll Administrators and Billing specialists to create efficiencies when dealing with time entry, timesheets, payroll, and invoices. We integrate with all leading Front Office Solutions in the market. To learn more about how 1Staff benefits payroll and billing operations, click here.


Whether you are looking for a Front-to-Back solution with a full suite of functionality, or a robust Back Office or Front Office to integrate with your existing solution, 1Staff for Microsoft Dynamics has you covered.


To learn more about how 1Staff can benefit your Staffing Organization, contact a 1Staff specialist today to request a demo!


Check out our Resource Library to view video demonstrations of 1Staff's functionality.


Save time and money by putting your energy where you need it most.


From resume parsing to candidate search, 1Staff Front Office for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM has the tools needed for your salespeople and recruiters to save time and be more efficient. By combining the power of 1Staff Staffing Software with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, you get a software solution that fits the needs of your staffing agency.

Fill more job orders by fully leveraging your candidate database.

  • Candidate Search allows you to quickly search for the candidates you need when you need them.
  • Automated resume parsing creates new candidate records from multiple sources such as emailed resumes or job boards without the need to rekey data.
  • Easily configure 1Staff to match the steps in your recruiting and hiring process.

Close more business faster with powerful sales tools.

  • Define and enforce consistent sales processes and pipeline management.
  • Dashboards and goal tracking allows your sales and management teams to measure individual and team performance in real time.
  • Position your company more effectively by knowing your competitors and tracking your competitors on any opportunity.

Increase user adoption with access to tools and technology your staff already uses.

  • Access 1Staff and CRM from right within your Microsoft Outlook. You can tailor your personal Outlook favorites to access key 1Staff data such as Job Orders or Dashboards the same way you access your email inbox.
  • Automatically tie inbound email messages to existing Contact email addresses, allowing you to access Candidate records right from your email inbox instantly without having to switch systems.
  • Instantly find the information you need with preview panes, personal views, record pinning, and Most Recently Used lists.
  • Easily track emails in 1Staff or automatically create a new contact record right from your email.

Save Time with an Integrated Staffing Software Solution

Take full advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics platform with a product built specifically for the staffing industry. As contract or direct hire job orders are filled in your Front Office they automatically appear in your Microsoft Dynamics® GP back office. A fully integrated Back Office will give you greater control and visibility to increase organizational efficiencies with features that include:

 Watch this short video to understand if your business has outgrown its basic accounting software:


Save time by reducing manual data entry, decrease data entry errors, and improve efficiencies with automated timesheet options. 

  • Web time and expense entry with multiple levels of approval.
  • Automate time imports from VMS or other external systems.
  • Images of timesheets and expenses can be viewed during approval process and automatically attached to invoices.

Meet client and candidate requirements with a flexible system.

  • Increase sales by acquiring and retaining customers that have unique invoicing requirements.
  • Decrease billing staff training time with easy invoicing process.
  • Easily allow users to create credit memos and adjust invoices as needed for customers. 
  • Implements with a fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics payroll or use an external payroll system or service.

Evaluate and spot important trends so you can make informed business decisions.

  • Track sales and margin trends by office, salesperson, job order, line of business, or pay type so you can focus on the areas that most benefit your business.
  • Stop guessing which areas of your business are profitable with exact margin analysis including payroll taxes, benefits and additional burdens.
  • Get the right information to the right staff with web or automatically emailed analytics.

Give your accountants a system where finance isn't an afterthought.

  • Fully integrated General Ledger and Accounts Payable eliminates the need for exports or reconciling separate systems.
  • Integrated systems allow you to do things like release payments to third party suppliers after the related invoice has been paid, or to properly accrue revenue in your GL.
  • Drill down all the way from a financial statement to a timesheet or expense image.

Built in Microsoft Dynamics, 1Staff Front Office and 1Staff Back Office provides an integrated, end-to-end solution for staffing companies by providing the following to all areas of your business:


Full Applicant tracking system

Built in compliance/onboarding

Resume parsing and advanced search

SharePoint document repository


Sales Staff:
Advanced CRM Functionality
Marketing Campaigns and Relationship Tracking
Sales reporting and analysis


Multiple methods of time entry, including web entry
Fully integrated financials (GL/AP)

U.S. and Canadian payroll modules or your external service
Employee Self Service


Automatically include signed timesheet with invoices

Advanced analytics and margin analysis
Unlimited invoice frequencies and formats

Full job costing
Cash flow management
Forecasting and budgeting

Management insight

Advanced outlook integration

Flexible browser and mobile options

Industry leading workflow and customization capabilities


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At Professional Advantage we don't just provide our customers with the right software solution. All of our customers continue to receive the support they need to ensure they continue to obtain all of the benefits of 1Staff for Microsoft Dynamics®.


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