Company Data Archive

Company Data Archive (CDA) is an ideal way to move historical information from your 'live' company to an 'archive' company. Archiving your data will reduce the size of your live company database and improve system performance while posting, running reports, performing file maintenance, and day-to-day use of Dynamics GP.


Benefits of Archiving your GP Data:

  • Faster Dynamics GP performance and upgrades
  • Reduces hardware costs
  • Eliminates clutter in inquires and reports
  • Ability to bulk archive and/or remove GP data from your live company
  • Easily view your historical data in your archive company


CDA allows you to enter a cutoff date for historical data you want archived all transactions on or before that date will be moved to the archive company.


The archived transactions will still be available to inquire and report on by simply logging into the archive company as you would any other Dynamics GP company.


You can also take advantage of powerful cross company inquiries to view transactions from your live and historical companies at the same time.



CDA Functionality

Excel Pivot Table Report - view your historical data distribution by year in Excel.

 CDA - Excel Pivot Table Report


Database Size Window - calculate how your Microsoft Dynamics GP historical data is distributed and how much data there is for each year.

Diagnostics and Maintenance Window - This window will provide GP administrators with a number of server diagnostics, the Microsoft best practice, and your database result.

Diagnostics include:

  • Check Log File Location
  • Check Size and Space Remaining on Data Drives
  • Check Database Compatibility Setting
  • Check Database Logging Type
  • SQL Server Specifications
  • SQL Agent Running
  • SQL Security Policy Enabled
  • Number of Customers
  • Number of Vendors
  • Check Date of Last Receivables Aging
  • Check User Activity Logging



CDA FunctionalityProfessionalPlus
Cross Company Inquiry
“Will it Archive” Feature
Index Fragmentation Report
Database Sizing Window
Archive Master Data
Archive GL
Archive PM
Archive RM
Archive BankRec
Archive IV
Archive SOP
Archive POP
Archive IVC
Archive UPR
Archive BOM
Archive Project Account -
Archive Field Service Mgmt -
Archive Fixed Asset Mgmt -
Archive Cogsdale -
Archive WennSoft -
Archive Customer Tables -



All Recorded Demos

  • Archive Dynamics GP Data with Company Data Archive (CDA)
  • Install Company Data Archive in less than 5 minutes

Company Data Archive Plus

Company Data Archive Plus (CDA +) is an extended version of our Microsoft Dynamics® GP archiving solution known as Company Data Archive, ideal for customers looking for an easy way to move historical information from their 'live' company to an 'archive' company.


CDA + Features Include:

 Feature  Examples
Archiving for 3rd party tables, custom tables, and non-core Microsoft Dynamics® GP tables. **

3rd Party


Project Accounting


Field Service Management


Fixed Assets Management

Analytical Accounting


Cogsdale - CSM & Utility Billing

Archiving specific groups of customers and/or vendors.

Select groups based on Customer Class ID or Vendor Class ID

Coming soon…

Archiving to different SQL Severs

For archiving purposes, data would be able to move from the live SQL server to another separate SQL server reducing the overall disk space on the live SQL server.


CDA + provides customers a means to archive third-party modules beyond core Microsoft Dynamics® GP. With an application programming interface (API), CDA + allows customers (or partners) to develop add-ins, using the existing CDA logic, to archive additional transaction related data for your custom solution that is stored in the Dynamics GP database.


** Contact Professional Advantage for information on existing stored procedures. Examples listed above may not currently exist. For advanced users, read the following PDF for more information: CDA ISV API >> **


CDA Plus also adds the functionality to select specific customers and/or vendors when archiving. After selecting a historical date, then selecting the Purchasing and/or Sales module, users can then select groups of customers or vendors based on Customer Class ID or Vendor Class ID. **


Select Customers



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CDA Customers


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