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Company Data Archive Release Guide
Microsoft Dynamics® GP Version Company Data Archive Build Number Last Release Date
Microsoft Dynamics GP (18.2.1060) 18.0b23 February 2020
GP 2018 (18.00.0727 and prior) 18.0b23 February 2020
GP 2016 (16.00.0814 and prior) 16.0b38 February 2020
GP 2015 (14.00.1230 and prior) 14.0b50 February 2020
GP 2013 (12.00.2230 and prior)(no longer enhanced) 12.0b45 November 2018
GP 2010 (no longer enhanced) 11.0.46 June 2017
GP 10 (no longer enhanced) 10.0.89 February 2016

Please fill out the form below to proceed to the download page for the latest version of Company Data Archive for Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Product User Manuals are installed with the product code or Downloaded Here. To request an earlier version of Company Data Archive please email


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Please download the Company Data Archive for your correlating version of Microsoft Dynamics® GP.


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Download Dynamics GP 2018


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Download Dynamics GP 2015


Download Dynamic GP 2013 (This version is no longer enhanced. Last build released November 2018)


Download Dynamics GP 2010 (This version is no longer enhanced. Last build released June 2017)


Download Dynamics GP 10.0 (This version is no longer enhanced. Last build released February 2016)

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