Professional Advantage is proud to announce the release of Collections Management R2.1. With plenty of great feedback and new feature suggestions from our valued customer base, Professional Advantage was able to deliver another exceptional update of Collections Management. Boasting new features such as Collection Smartlists, Microsoft Word document invoice attachments, and new SSRS aging reports, R2.1 brings even more horsepower to your debt collecting solution.


New Improvements:


  • SmartList- SmartList now has Collections Management options including an option for Collections notes which uses SmartList to filter notes on key words, Collector ID's and more without clicking through individual records in the Collections Main window. Additionally, there is added Collection notes information to the standard Receivables Transactions SmartList, so if a RM document has a note attached, it can be seen along with the details.
  • Find Where the Action is Needed- Some of the most important delinquent customers to track are those with overdue invoices and no Collection Notes assigned to them, indicating no action has been taken such as sending an email or giving them a call. Now, the Collections Receivables Summary window will display this information.
  • Collections Management SSRS Reports- Utilize SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for unique BI including a Collections Activity and an Aging Details report.

Attaching and Sorting Documents:

  • MS Word Invoices- One of the most popular requests, Collections Management now has the ability to attach and send Word document invoices and Receivables statements. Save on costs associated with expensive PDF Writer licenses for each user.
  • SOP Type ID- When attaching invoices to Collection Letters, a new display field will show the SOP document Type ID. Collectors who split responsibilities based on the SOP document Type ID now have an easy visual indicator when selecting invoices.
  • Reprint Project Accounting Invoices- In addition to being able to view and collect on invoices created in the Project Accounting module, now Collections Management can reprint those invoices. You can also attach Project Accounting Invoices to Collection notes.

Activity Management:

  • Manage your Collectors- What do you do if a Collector is out for the week, but action is needed on some of their tasks? With the Collections Management R2.1 release, view tasks of all Collectors by leaving the Collector ID field blank.


  • MSI Installer- No more need to copy and paste chunk files, or accidentally missing a few data files to copy over to the workstation. Collections Management R2.1 uses a MSI Installer which utilizes an install wizard for point-and-click install solutions.

For the full details on the release of Collections Management R2.1, click here to download the latest version and R2.1 release notes.